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Areas of Practice

As a general practice law firm, Farris Law provides legal services including the following practice areas. If we cannot assist you with the type of legal issue or any other problems you have, we will strive to refer you to an appropriate attorney in that specialty and whenever possible continue to oversee your case through fruition, should you wish.

Divorce/Family Consulting and Mediation Services

Our firm has a substantial domestic/family law practice led by Gregory J. Farris. Our reputation in this area is the product of years of sensitivity to our clients’ situations and aggressive advocacy of their positions in the court system. The effectiveness of the firm in representing our clients is substantiated not only by our expanded representation of those clients’ other legal needs, but also by the number of opposing parties who later seek the firm’s advice.

Most recently, Farris Law has focused this domestic practice in providing consultation and mediation services. We work with parties in guiding them through the difficult quagmire of divorce and referring them to domestic litigators who are best suited to represent their interests. Greg Farris also uses his wealth of domestic practice experience to provide mediation services that can allow parties to retain as much control over final outcomes as possible and avoid unnecessary protracted litigation.

Real Estate and Mortgage Lending Services

Farris Law offers a full range of commercial and residential real estate conveyancing and mortgage lending services. We represent buyers, sellers, borrowers and mortgage lenders in all facets of their real estate and lending transactions. As a result of our experience and expertise, we provide real estate counsel and services at competitive rates. We work closely with our clients and are sensitive to their circumstances and needs in ensuring that their needs and their customer’s needs are met.

Farris Law also provides a full range of real estate title work, through its sister company, Black Bear Title.

Corporate and Business Law

The firm provides legal services to our business clients, in areas ranging from selection and formation of their legal entity to employment law, to representation of our business clients as Clerk/Registered Agent for record-keeping and receipt of legal process purposes. We work closely with our clients and their accountants/tax planners to understand their objectives, to analyze their options, and to provide practical and cost effective solutions to their problems.

Estate Planning and Probate Law

Farris Law provides assistance to our clients in developing and implementing estate plans that are personalized to that client’s specific needs and objectives. We listen to our clients and are sensitive to their circumstances. We provide them with the legal services necessary to help them feel more comfortable with the uncertainties of the future through the creation and implementation of their own estate plan. In seeking to achieve this objective for our clients we utilize, among other instruments, wills, trusts, special needs trusts, powers of attorney and living wills/health care advance directives. Our primary goals are our clients’ peace of mind and their confidence in the future.

We also provide assistance with a host of elder law issues, including guardianships, conservatorships and protection from elder abuse.


Farris Law offers a wide array of litigation related services in a vast number of fields. Spearheaded by attorney Michelle Allott, Farris Law advocates for the best possible results in a wide array of personal injury case types. We zealously represent individuals who have suffered personal injury or property damage due to negligence of others. This representation includes cases involving automobiles accidents, environmental claims, medical malpractice, products liability, slips and falls, construction failure and any other circumstances resulting in personal, emotional, property and/or financial injury to our clients.

We go above and beyond in not only seeking the best possible result at trial or in settlement, but also in the handling, monitoring and negotiation of liens in order to maximize client recovery. Recognizing that those injured frequently face the added dilemma of reduced or loss of gainful employment, our attorneys frequently undertake personal injury on a contingent fee basis which allows the client to obtain representation without the risk of ever paying for an attorney’s time.

As we remain committed to our clients and potential new clients, we offer free initial consultation and are available to our clients to discuss cases and in expediting resolution. If we cannot assist a new client, we will make sure you are referred to those who can. We also happily accept referrals from other attorneys in the state, with whom we will split fees. Most importantly, we offer an honest and practical assessment of each matter and how best to proceed in order to ensure that our clients obtain a full and fair resolution of their cases.

We also provide commercial litigation services on behalf of businesses that find themselves embroiled in litigation as a result of construction, contract or other commercial disputes.


As the owner of a helicopter company, Gregory J. Farris has developed both an interest and talent in the field of aviation law. These services may include personal injury or commercial litigation or the more technical nuances of aviation business law.

Mediation and Arbitration

Farris Law offers mediation and other alternative dispute resolution services throughout the State of Maine.

Gregory J. Farris has provided mediation services in a wide array of civil matters. Having been a trial attorney for over 40 years as well as an accomplished transactional attorney, he is skillful in facilitating agreements between even vastly disparate positions. Greg can assist parties not only with resolving their legal dispute but also provide practical, real-world solutions for parties that brings to bear his substantial experience in corporate and business law, domestic law, and estate and tax planning.

Michelle Allott has also served as a mediator in a multitude of types of civil matters. As a trial attorney of 27 years, Michelle is able to forge consensus in even the most difficult matters. Having practiced for years as an insurance defense attorney and now as a personal injury attorney representing those who have been injured, she is able to offer a balanced perspective that can help to draw parties together, thereby minimizing the inevitable risk of trial.